New groundbreaking concept from FDM

In March 2014, a Project Agreement regarding the design, production and delivery of furniture for student dorm rooms in Trondheim, Norway, was signed by the Norwegian real estate developer Aha Bolig AS, FDM and the Norwegian interior designer Hege Åbelvold. During the Fall of 2013, Åbelvold browsed FDM's database and selected American designer Mike Deveraux as her favorite. FDM then approached Deveraux, and told him about their brand new concept: FDM will in the future be more dependable on innovative interior designers that want to give their high volume customers a true custom-made alternative.

FDM will throughout the project maintain an "open book" policy towards the customer, were we actually share the factory price from our producer(s), and add a x1,5 margin (ex. VAT) for the three cooperating parties to share. The interior designer, who found the project and closes the deal (and is furthermore responsible for all interior design related to the project), is awarded 20%. FDM, who is responsible for all prototype development and production, is awarded 20%, while the designer who, based on specifications and requests from both the interior designer and customer, designs new products and put them into a 3D rendring for the customer, is awarded the remaining 10% of the margin. In other words, FDM awards our designers a 10% royalty.

To sum it up: An interior designer brings a project to the table, picks a FDM designer to design brand new furniture for the client, uniquely made for his/her particular project. FDM cooperates with the selected designer, brings these drawings to life and deliver brand new design furniture to the client, in close cooperation with the interior designer. A win-win-win situation!

Furniture Designer Mike Deveraux (USA)Interior Designer Hege Åbelvold (Norway)

Cooperation in Asia

In 2014 FDM will enter into a sales and marketing cooperation with the product design company Munkii from Singapore. Munkii was established in 2006 and consists of 14 designers worldwide that are primarily involved in product design, industrial design, and prototyping services. Munkii's star designer, Jaren Goh, has also been engaged by the American recording artist and music producer to design his " camera".

The new offices of Aha Eiendom AS

FDM has a cooperation with the Norwegian interior designer Hege Åbelvold and her Trondheim-based company Sans For Sånt. On this photo, from the new offices of Aha Eiendom AS in Trondheim, she has used the FDM-items Sticks dining chair and Sticks Lounge chair, both designed by Jarle Slyngstad. She is also currently involved in the interior design of a housing project, in cooperation with the American FDM-designer Mike Deveraux.

Sticks Outdoor Modules by Norwegian designer Jarle Slyngstad.

The hollow base is made of galvanized steel and stone painted. The slats are made of artificial PS wood.

Outline sofa, design by Esteban Design, Spain

The Outline sofa is a groundbreaking design piece from Spanish designer Jose Esteban. A fiberglass frame surrounds the upholstered seat, that can be ordered in a variety of fabrics. The color(s) on the frame itself can also be defined by the customer. Size: 256 x 110 x 82 cm. Weight: 135 kilos.

Jose A. Esteban (Alicante, 1971) is an Industrial design graduate from Alcoi EASD (Spain). In 1992 he began his professional career in multiple sectors such as electronics, furniture, household products, child care, toys and packaging. Today he leads Esteban Design (, a company devoted to design, positioning and product development.

D002, design by Punto Soave, Italy

The D002 is a new view on a sofa. Somewhere between a sofa and a bench it will fit perfectly in multipurpose areas. Simplicity and elegance meet in this design from Punto Soave.

Sticks series, design by Jarle Slyngstad, Norway

The Sticks concept is a matching series of products designed by the Norwegian designer Jarle Slyngstad in October 2011. Scandinavian Coffee House in Norway wanted a series of products that was created within the typical Scandinavian design tradition; with the use of wood combined with stainless steel. Another criteria was that the chairs needed to be stackable. The final result, the Sticks series, which consists of a dining chair, a bar stool, and a lounge chair, can all be stacked. The dining chair even 12 pcs of chairs per stack!

Jarle Slyngstad is a distinguished designer from Norway with 30 years of experience as a furniture designer. He has worked with companies like Ekornes, Hjellegjerde, VAD, Vestlandske, Veste, Offinn, Quietpod, Sandvik, Pedro, Foraform, Rofi and Rybo.

The Norwegian Maritime Competence Center

Photo from The Norwegian Maritime Competence Center in Aalesund, Norway. Five FDM designers were challenged to submit their product proposals on the basis of a design brief created by FDM and the client. Design by Jarle Slyngstad (Norway) and Francois Papastefanou (South Africa) were selected.

Encircled, design by Kenneth Nedal, Norway

A swivel chair fully upholstered in leather or fabric. The leg is a cylinder of steel and four wooden/steel feet. Viewed from a certain angle, the chair appear as a perfect circle.

Puff, design by Francois Papastefanou, South Africa

The PUFF Modular system can be arranged in a variety of different configurations to suit any interior environment.

Francois Papastefanou was born in 1976 in Johannesburg, South Africa to Cypriot parents. Following in his fathers footsteps he decided to follow a career in Design and graduated in Architecture and Industrial Design in 2006. Francois went on to design products for a host of South African manufacturers and in 2007 made a move to Dubai where he currently designs projects for one of the most recognised Architectural Design firms in the UAE. "Furniture design has always been my first passion and I want to share that passion with my clients through the creation of some unique and exciting products."

Who we are

More than 235 furniture designers from 41 different countries have created a designer profile in's exclusive database of new design furniture. In January 2010 four Scandinavian guys had a vision about creating a contemporary design channel for independent designers around the world. In 2013, we are working closely with several producers, distributors, wholesalers and architects who are both committed and excited about new and original furniture design. If our clients do not find suitable items for their projects in our database, we cooperate with registered designers to work on new and exciting royalty-based projects. Our clients' designer preference is then usually based on the style and design touch of previously uploaded work in the database. Although we have production agreements with factories in Norway, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, and China for distributors and architects, most of our work involves royalty-based design services to wholesalers.

Product Development

FDM has developed the dining chair Aksel Vision for the producer Aksel Hansson. Designer Joo HongKyu (South Korea) with the Aksel Vision chair at the Tendence Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.


The sofa "Gravity upholstered" from the Spanish designers Jose Esteban and Javi Moreno.